Those who work on YouTube are called Youtubers.
YouTube people are very hardworking They do their work with heart and hard work.
Working on Youtubers is not easy It takes a lot of hard work Nowadays there is a lot of competition in the online field . Many people start working on YouTube but But he leaves the heart after working for a few days . To work on YouTube it is important to take special care of many things If you too, if you also start working on Youtubers .So you have everything to be your own .
Like if you want to create a channel above a song, then the songs are your own On whom only you have copyright
Any of your videos Cannot cast to channel Now, you can not put any kind of story on your channel You can never even photograph someone else
Because people who do their work on YouTube YouTube also pays people for this work Say now, do your work from the heart and honestly In which they work day and night and have teamwork. There are many people on YouTube who like to do their work alone.
Out of which many people get success Continue this work
Many people who work on YouTube And Many places .
People working on YouTube also face a lot of difficulty Some of whom are people who just do not like your work Suspend your channel and report against you .
Mostly it happens to them on Youtubers People who post incorrect content and upload copyrighted things.
Do not start any work without reading YouTube's term and condition and policy
The person working on the video works hard day and night If he is successful, then his income also becomes very good. Some people work on YouTube just to enjoy it Some people do this to make themselves famous And many people work on this channel to give information.
People who give you information go to every corner of the world and cut information In this, a lot of their time is spent
There are many people who misinform you so that your information You read the wrong effect on your mind
They cause malfunction
Most people who work on video start work by watching videos of others In which most people are successful Who follow them properly and watch full videos Seeing bad videos completed them Understand how to work Many people start work but do not reach the end And quit working on YouTube without making any income
People who work on it and many people enjoy it and many people get dissuaded by it.
When you make very good videos, Google Your video rustic on auto search
Many people on Youtubers Make video And their made videos Is a lot of fun Is filled with information Videos are made to motivate you It costs a lot of time and money to make a video
Every Youtubers  needs maximum Like Comment and Subscribe Cheat more Make your channel viral Get as many views as possible So that his income is maximum
Every Youtubers  dues knows that his channel should get maximum amount of money

It also requires a lot of hard work on Youtubers 

We want to ask you some questions about youtube
How much time daily do you spend on youtube ?
What do you like best on youtube ?
Want to make video on video here too Want to make more money ?
How do you think working on youtube ?
You know a friend who works on youtube ?
Have you ever learned anything from Youtube ?
What do you watch mostly on youtube ?
Do you know youtube's history ?
Have you subscribed to many channels?
Is youtube important for us ?

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