What is law ? Law


What is law ?

Law means to different rules and regulation.
It can be divided into particular and General law
Particular law.
It can be use specific good and person .
General law.
It can be use common person and things .
Kind .

Two types of kind .

  1. Criminal law
  2. Civil Law

Criminal Law

 Criminal law means a system or department punishes people in various crimes and affairs.
1973 PCrLJ 55
Its.period is Short time during criminal law.

Civil Law

     In this process owner can be proceed individual right and its fundamental rights .
In this case can be proceed during long time period .

Civil law Can be Classification into two parts 

1.particular law
2.General law

Particular law

It can be use specific Purpose During The matter of courts
Kind of particular law
Local law
Enacted law
Conventional law
Autonomic  law
Martial law
International law as administered in prize courts
Mercantile customs

General law 

It can be use for common ideas or issues .

1 .Shapes of General laws
Statute law
Equity law
common law