What is entertainenmt ?

People are happy with their acting with their words.
There are many people in the world who do this job just for your pleasure.
You need people who entertain you Now respect them, you respect them and they So that those people can keep your people happy as much as possible. Say you are ready to sacrifice your life to entertain you. To entertain you, he goes to different places in the world and makes videos. You enjoy yourself too much, keep doing it and you too enjoy it.
By the way, many platforms are meant to be entertainment.
But nowadays most of the entertainment is done through videos.
People nowadays watch videos on YouTube for maximum entertainment And many people  take pleasure in doing the same thing .
Being entertained and being entertained are two different prices.
But both of these things are such that you also enjoy and the next one too There are many videos that can be enjoyed with their family.
But nowadays such videos have started to be made What you can't see with your family That video Yadav only likes to watch in private or with his friends.

4 questions quoting you from entertainment ?

1.What do you like to do for Entertainment ?
2.What is the thing you enjoy doing ?
3.Do you feel happy to entertain people too ?
4.You think it is easy to have entertainment ?
You please answer any two or three of these 4 questions in a comments And be happy in your life
Thank you for coming 😇